Modern Kitchen Features

Why choose a Scott+Cooner contemporary kitchen?


The modern kitchen products from Scott+Cooner not only create a beautiful environment but also provide clients with superior functionality and durability. Every piece of a Scott+Cooner kitchen system brings together form and function, and works to the advantage of the user.  Innovation exists literally in every corner of the Varenna, Pedini, and Bazzeo kitchen lines, whether it is ingeniously integrated lighting elements, intelligent storage, or awe-inspiring design touches.  Scott+Cooner’s kitchen professionals work with each client to ensure the most ergonomic layout for every kitchen, ensuring form and function.


Many of today’s typical American-style kitchens are built with the same techniques that were developed over a century ago. These methods result in inefficient uses of space and energy. Outdated features such as valences, surface-mount lighting, clunky cabinet hinges, and the ‘face-frame’ system’ itself, use up valuable kitchen space. A European-style kitchen is built upon a frameless design, providing up to 15% more usable cabinet volume. Scott+Cooner kitchens are designed to engage every possible cubic inch of space resulting in a logical, customized and efficient kitchen system.


The hardware, appliances, and lighting components that Scott+Cooner represents are seamlessly integrated into the modern kitchen system. While Italy conceives and plans the kitchen designs, German hardware brings them to life with their extensive technical innovation. Visit a Scott+Cooner showroom to “test drive” the oven with a catalytic converter and the drawer that opens itself.


Scott+Cooner kitchens are better for the environment and safer for both builder and end user. Varenna, Pedini, and Bazzeo have fully integrated sustainable practices into their manufacturing processes. Their paints and lacquers are all non-V.O.C., and all veneers are certified FSC sustainably harvested. Cabinet structures are made from 100% recycled materials. Scott+Cooner offers an array of energy efficient kitchen products; such as ovens that recycle heat and LED lights that use 90% less electricity.