Kitchen Design Services

Our signature kitchen design process brings together architects, designers, builders and installers in a cohesive, airtight approach.

The Scott+Cooner kitchen team works closely with all the decision-makers involved in the project. We will serve as a liaison every step of the way; from the preliminary sketches to tightening the final bolt. When you partner with Scott+Cooner, you benefit from a team solely dedicated to planning and implementing your kitchen successfully.

Whether you are renovating, restoring, or building new, Scott+Cooner is an invaluable addition in all aspects of planning and implementation.

The Scott+Cooner kitchen process consists of six core phases:

  1. Initial appointment
  2. Preliminary Estimate
  3. Kitchen Design
  4. Kitchen Production
  5. Kitchen Installation
  6. Post-Completion/Follow-up

Overview of the Kitchen Design Process


Initial Appointment

If you are considering a modern modular kitchen, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with a Scott+Cooner kitchen designer. During the meeting we will discuss:

  • Your specific project needs
  • Your style, color, and finish preferences

We will then explore all applicable products and make recommendations for:

  • Cabinets
  • Finishes
  • Colors
  • Counter Surfaces
  • Appliances
  • Any custom features

We will also conduct preliminary planning in order to provide you with approximate pricing for your kitchen selections.

Kitchen Project Estimate

Following the initial meeting, Scott+Cooner will prepare a linear foot estimate for your entire project. Our estimate is valid for a full 90 days to provide with adequate time for consideration.

  • Initial estimate based on linear foot average of cabinets and choice of finishes
  • Establish target budget for project
  • Set a timeline for the scope of the project

The Scott+Cooner kitchen design team will be available to answer any questions in regards to our preliminary estimate and all of our kitchen products and services.

Kitchen Design Cycle

Once you have chosen Scott+Cooner, we request a Design Deposit of $2,500 to begin the detailed design of your cabinets following an initial design meeting. The deposit is applied to the balance of your final order.

If your project is new construction, we work from the Architects’ construction plans. If the construction schedule allows we prefer site measurements before ordering the kitchen.

If you have a renovation project, we use both drawings and field measurements of the space. All cabinet and appliance options will be finalized. Our kitchen designers will prepare drawings and renderings for your review. All documentation will provide an accurate representation of what your kitchen will become.

When the final design is approved the order is placed with a deposit of 50% of the total cost.

Kitchen Production

Following the approval of your kitchen plans and specifications, the kitchen is sent to the respective factory, and custom manufacturing begins.

The following is the typical production and shipping timeline for each of our manufacturers:


Kitchen Manufacturer Production Time Shipment Time
Bazzeo 8 weeks 2 weeks
Varenna 8 weeks 6-8 weeks
Pedini 4-8 weeks 6-8 weeks


Once production on your kitchen has begun, we will provide you with a target shipment date for your kitchen. While the kitchen is being produced, our staff is available to meet with the project contractor to coordinate our product into the construction process. All documents are provided that the builder or client will need in order to prepare the space to the kitchen’s exact measurements. We will also give the kitchen specifications to the selected installer so that they can provide you with a bid for services and begin their pre-installation process.


Kitchen Installation

Scott+Cooner very strongly recommends the services of experienced installers familiar with European modular kitchen systems. Please consider one of Scott+Cooner’s preferred installation partners.

Learn more about our preferred installation partners »

All our preferred installers will travel to projects outside Texas.

During the entire installation process, Scott+Cooner is on-call. If you or your builder has a question, it is our pleasure to meet on-site or over the phone to discuss any details involved with implementing one of our kitchens.


Once your project has been completed, we meet with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your new kitchen.

The Scott+Cooner kitchen team is available during the entire process to answer questions that you may have. Varenna, Pedini, and Bazzeo all provide minimum two year warranties. If you ever have a problem with a kitchen that you have purchased from Scott+Cooner, simply contact us and we will facilitate a resolution.