Tecno Furniture

In more than fifty years of experience, Tecno has fine-tuned a system of direct communication with theĀ  clients, the architects and the facility managers in order to guarantee services and products from the initial brief up to their installation.

The real Tecno revolution is that of offering itself as a company of design more than of product.

With tailor-made designs, among which are the refurbished British Museum by the architect Norman Foster, the building of the Agbar tower in Barcelona, designed by Jean Nouvel, and the European Parliament, Tecno is able to go beyond the rigid framework of a specific product in order to meet the requirements of the customer whether it is a company or a designer.

And it is by virtue of a advantaged relationship with the world of architecture that Tecno can boast of a curriculum of achievements with world-renowned architects like Gae Aulenti, Emilio Ambasz, Ricardo Bofil, Norman Foster, Piero Lissoni, Rafael Moneo, Jean Nouvel, Renzo Piano, Sir Richard Rogers, Luca Scacchetti, Jean Michael Wilmotte and many others.

Today many Tecno products are exhibited in the leading museums of the world: the MOMA (New York and San Francisco), the Victoria and Albert Museum (London), the Georges Pompidou Centre (Paris), the Neue Sammlung (Monaco), the Museum of Decorative Arts (Montreal) and the Triennale in Milan.