Alhambra Rug

Alhambra Rug

Rewriting history in cross stitch.


This rug is inspired by Arabesque motifs and the “lace” decoration of the facades and doors of the Alhambra palace in the Andalusian city of Granada: a piece of architecture which over the centuries has seduced and inspired writers and artists of the calibre of Washington Irving, Alexandre Dumas, Honoré Daumier and Eugène Delacroix.


As such, the graphical project of Alhambra represents the meeting of eastern culture and western geometries through different colour combinations: green/grey, grey/anthracite grey, grey/blue, grey/red. The four versions, in the single size 200x300 cm, are in synthetic fibre: 100% recycled PET.


Not all sizes/finishes/designs available for Quickship - contact us for details.


Cassina | 2020