Artex Kitchen

Artex Kitchen

A project signed by Poliform with a contemporary design and a natural aesthetics. Ample surfaces and rigorous, essential lines highlight the quality of the materials




CARCASS FINISHING - light gray, dark gray

DOOR FINISHING - mat laminate, mat laminate touch, embossed lacquered, ak mat lacquered open pore, glossy lacquered, wood,walunt solid wood, DuPont Corian, steel, glass (available for wall unit door only)

HANDLE- integrated 

PLINTH'S HEIGHT AND FINISHING - H. 100, 120 and 150 mm, liquid metal, embossed lacquered, aluminium anodized, satined still

NOTES - door with curved lines available for oak mat lacq. Open pore, embossed lacquered, wood and DuPont Corian finishing


Poliform | R&D Poliform | 2011