Celato Cupboard Sideboard Storage

Celato means concealed, hidden and secret. A name and an adjective which generate different personalities: a menhir, a safe, a skyscraper; an object which gradually reveals itself touch by touch.


Celato is a piece of furniture with a lot of drawers, almost secret, that one can enter by softly pushing on them. The drawers, made of birch, are of different heights and they are not aligned. The shell serves as a wrapping for the internal wood structure and it is available in maistral copper, acid-etched iron and acid-etched brass, aside from all the other metal finishes used by De Castelli for its production.

Cor-ten, iron/copper/brass with “maistral” finish, acidated iron/copper/brass, satin or polished Aisi 304 stainless steel


De Castelli | 2015