Ciclotte Stationary Bicycle

Teckell’s motto Italian design looks forward meets Ciclotte’s Ride on design in an extraordinary exercise bike. This masterpiece embodies the two brands technological expertise and meticulous craftsmanship.



- Extensive research into ergonomics has resulted in the creation of the ideal exercise machine.
- The transmission with gear box simulates a racing bike.
- High-performance training is possible thanks to an adjustable magnetic resistance system (12 magnets and the flywheel make up the transmission). The flywheel spins at a high speed due to a system that multiples the pedal turns, enhancing the magnetic field’s strength.
- An electronic system regulates resistance.
- The flexible base follows the body’s movements. The frame flexes sideways when under pressure, just as when cycling on a street.
- Due to the unusually compact transmission, the distance between the pedals is only 6 cm. This narrow gap helps the rider avoid joint problems.
- This smart exercise bike is Bluetooth enabled and can connect with any mobile device through the Kinomap app. When working out, the app follows video recordings of actual rides for a fully immersive training session.
- Available in polished steel or black carbon.

- A crystal disc replaces the bike’s original circular frame for a stunning, sleek look.
- The frame features a new handlebar and grip system for a more ergonomic, vertical structure


L 111 W 50 H 111 cm 
L 43 3⁄4 W 19 1⁄2 H 43 3⁄4 inches

212 lbs.