Standard Sofa

Standard Sofa

A sofa that allows maximum comfort in whichever position.

The key element is the “smart cushion”. Backrests and armrests have lost any stiffness and can be molded as desired with a flick of your hand: low, high, oblique, enveloping and functional. The deeper seats help to discover a casual comfort. Standard is the result of years of technological research to produce an exclusive sofa that perfectly fulfils the wishes of the users.


It allows total freedom of combining seats of different shape and depth to customize the compositions : linear, angular or free plan.


Edra has always been committed to technological research, and in 2004 patented Gellyfoam®, a next generation material that represents the most advanced reference point in terms of  comfort. Gellyfoam® is a special foam that combines softness with support; it is unlike a spring that  pushes back,  but a material that will always welcome you in the best way. Gellyfoam® is an exclusive technology by Edra.


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