Haller World of Plants

Haller World of Plants

USM now offers an elegant and simple system to incorporate more plants into your office, home or public spaces – for plant enthusiasts and those who would like to become one. With the incorporation of plants into USM Haller, the linear metal grid is contrasted with the plants’ organic forms thus adding warmth to the system.


Metal plant panels (available in five sizes) with circular recesses and protective rings to hold the pots. Depending on the size of the metal plant panel, one to four pot recesses are defined. Available in 14 USM colors. 


In combination with USM Haller E the scope of application for the world of plants gets even bigger and more tempting. Subdued lighting conditions contribute to a quiet retreat to meditate for a moment before the next meeting. Dimming the light and selectively illuminating the green splendour in a public or private space, creates an intimate and warm atmosphere, allowing the viewer to settle down from a hectic everyday life. As a result, the addition of USM Haller E not only offers plants constant lighting conditions according to their needs but opens up unlimited design options for the user.


With the watering set, consisting of a pot insert and water level indicator, the product does not only appeal to plant lovers. The world of plants for USM Haller is for plant enthusiasts and those who want to become one. The irrigation set offers the customer simplicity when it comes to caring for the plants. The system supports you by regulating and extending the pouring cycle.


Not all sizes/finishes/colors available for Quickship - contact us for details.


USM | Fritz Haller and Paul Schaerer | 1963