Hortensia Armchair

Hortensia Armchair

Meet Hortensia - The chair that started out life as a CGI image that was part of a virtual collection of "impossible" furniture.


A bold design, with a soft personality. With over 20.000 petals, Andrés Reisinger's Hortensia Armchair resembles the blooming pompoms of its namesake flower. Intrigued by its big, beautiful blooms, Reisinger created a 3D rendering of the armchair.

Of course Moooi saw the possibilities after the IG image went viral and worked with Andrés and textiles-focused product designer Júlia Esqué to make the unique texture of the chair a reality.  The Petal version uses 35 meters of fabric made into 560 lasered strips of petals per chair. The process takes 22.5 hours of sewing per chair.


Available in Moooi's extensive fabric collection, and in its signature petal upholstery: Petal Pink. Petal Grey,


Also available in Extinct Animals fabrics Calligraphy Bird Jacquard Blue and Dodo Pavone Jacquard Grey.


Moooi | Andrés Reisinger | 2021