Husk Chair

Husk Chair

Designer Mark Thorpe took the inspiration for Husk from nature. During a walk outdoors through the vast corn fields around the Italian city Undine, the idea of a piece of furniture that resembles the intricate folded structure of a corncob shell came to mind.


The result is Husk, an extraordinary organic armchair for terrace, garden or indoors that immediately captivates every visitor.


Seating made using woven threads normally used for fishing nets, the designs are all different and original, like their names. Handwoven,they are human in their imperfections and flaws.


Frames are rust-proofed tubular steel and wrapped with polyethylene cord. Polyethylene cord in a range of colors is handwoven to frames. Polypropylene leveling glides.


Husk is part of  Moroso's outdoor collection M 'Afrique and can be ordered  in four different sizes.


Moroso | Mark Thorpe | 2015