John-John Bed

John-John Bed

The minimalist design of the structure combined with the softness of the headboard. Natural balance. Confident elegance.


Jean-Marie Massaud revisits the sophisticated and confident style of the John-John sofa and comes up with an original new interpretation, the John-John Bed. The bed structure remains deliberately linear and light, allowing the headboard to claim the limelight. Two large and comfortable cushions evoke the characteristic backrest of the sofa in the elegant movement of their surfaces. Delicate and subtle folds that underline the tactility of the leather are achieved through precision artisanal work. The back of the cushions, padded with soft goose down and polyester wadding, is covered with micro-perforated Pelle Frau® so it can adapt to movement and increase the sense of comfort. Also borrowed from the sofa are the minimalist T-shaped aluminium feet with ruthenium finish. The structure is made of solid beech and poplar padded with polyurethane foam, and the cushions are covered with Pelle Frau® leather from the Color System or Pelle Frau® Heritage. The bed surface is integrated with a special system of staves in the two rigid versions or with an adjustable lumbar support.


The following is needed to produce a John-John bed:

16 m2 Pelle Frau® leather

300 m yarn

60 m of stitching

35 kg solid beech wood

14 hours of labour


Poltrona Frau | Jean-Marie Massaud | 2012