Mareta XL Lounge

Mareta XL Lounge

Mareta XL feels like falling on a ball pit. It is a large chill-out lounge chair filled with polystyrene beads that reposition and intuitively adapt to the shape of your body. Its marked rectilinear forms contrast with the softness of its filling. It is, without a doubt, one of our most dangerous designs. The depth of its seat and its softness will leave you no option, you won’t be able to leave this chair!


In combination with its little sister, the Mareta, seat, you can configure a complete outdoor chill-out lounge area. Additionally, since they are light elements, they can be reoriented or reconfigured with ease, adjusting to the needs of the moment.


The Mareta series adapts to any surface, thanks to its filling. Also, its textile covers are specially designed for continuous outdoor use and they are completely removable, so they can be easily washed. 


Avialable in 19 fabric colors.


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