Naan Table

Naan Table

From living rooms to meeting rooms, Naan adds a discrete yet distinctive personality.


Its essence is enriched by smoked oak. In this innovative process wood is subjected to high temperatures, granting it extreme resistance (to humidity as well) and a dark finishing, which, unlike traditional varnishes that provide a flatter and more artificial effect, preserves the wood while leaving its natural grain fully visible.

More durable and compact, the wood is practically transformed into fossil. The heat-induced colouration penetrates the fibres deeply, thus remaining unaltered over time.


Naan is available in two versions: extendable or non-extendable


Dimensions: cm 240 x 95 cm, h. cm 72 (extended cm 340 x cm 95); cm 300 x cm 95 x h. cm 72


“It exudes a certain freshness of conception. A frame traced by minimal lines. Extremely fine elements, unconventional proportions and exaggerated dimensions combine to create a strong, solid and resilient piece. Though constructed entirely of wood, the more you study it, the more it seems made of air.” Piero Lissoni


Not all sizes/finishes/fabrics available for Quickship - contact us for details.


Cassina | Piero Lissoni | 2009