Nimba LED Chandelier

Nimba LED Chandelier

Nimba is the first lamp designed by Antoni Arola. It is a floating ring of light formed by a metal profile that houses the light source and a lower shade to diffuse the light. Nimba is named after the halo or aureole of the holy depictions – “it can be seen but is not there” – and owing to its arrangement, the light focuses in the middle of nothing in order to spread the light in all directions.


Used in a single unit or with several, Nimba creates incorporeal, spiritual atmospheres; it illuminates in a diffused, though effective fashion and is perfect for thoroughfares and retreats. The series comprises four models of increasing diameter, all using LEDs and seamlessly fusing simplicity and high-tech.



Stainless steel structure with natural or gold varnish finish. 
White engineering plastic lampshade. 
Black metallic circular ceiling plate with power supply incorporated.
Suitable for Junction Box (UL market).
Electric cable length: 5 m / 196.8″

Light source included (dimmable)
Nimba 60
Ø 60 cm / 23.6″
Weight: 7 kg / 15.4 lb
Built-in LED: 45 W

Nimba 90
Ø 90 cm / 35.4″
Weight: 9 kg / 19.8 lb
Built-in LED: 65 W

Nimba 120
Ø 120 cm / 47.2″
Weight: 12 kg / 26.5 lb
Built-in LED: 95 W

Nimba 180
Ø 180 cm / 70.8″
Weight: 16 kg / 35.2 lb
Built-in LED: 140 W


Santa & Cole | Antoni Arola | 1997