Ploid Seating Modular

The Ploid modular collection is a series made up of only three elements: a total modular feat. The center piece, together with the corner module and the Ploid pouf, can be configured to create anything from individual armchair or chaise lounge to a multi-seat sofa. But it does not necessarily have to go in combination with the corner module, it can also be used to form a casual style sofa, with no armrests at the ends.


1,2,3 and that’s it. With the three elements of the Ploid collection you can create multiple seating configurations, easily rearranging them according to the needs of the moment. Designed by studio Romero Vallejo, there is nothing that three pieces can not achieve: from a simple armchair to a chaise lounge, a loveseat, a straight sofa with unlimited seats, a flat surface that can be used as a chaise lounge or a huge chill out bed. Matching table also available in the collection.


Avialable in 16 fabric colors.


Diabla | Romero & Vallejo