RS#2 Foosball Table

RS#2 Foosball Table

Yes, RS#2 is a foosball table. A spectacular reinterpretation of one of our cultural classics. It's made of high-quality materials, such as steel with a polyester paint finish. Or in weather resistant stainless steel for the outdoor models. And it’s the details that make the difference, such as the rubber-soled levellers, or the glass-holders for the four players. All the RS#2 outdoor models are made in stainless steel (INOX). 100% customizable (colour, players, field, line-up).



Price shown is retail starting price and may vary depending on specifications.


Structure: Steel with polyester paint for IRON version. Stainless steel with polyester paint for INOX COLOUR version. Stanless steel for INOX version.
Field: HPL
Players: Cast aluminium.
Handles: Beech wood with polyester paint for IRON and INOX COLOUR versions. Iroko wood for INOX version.


RS Barcelona | Rafael Rodríguez