RS#3 Foosball Gold Wood Table

RS#3 Foosball Gold Wood Table

The RS#3 wood GOLD is the first items of the Gold Edition. This very special new collection offers a subtle and elegant combination of gold, metal and wood.
We’ve dressed the RS# wood in a bespoke dinner suit. We’ve darkened the iroko wood of its frame, we’ve polished its bars, we’ve dressed the players in gold and silver chrome plating and we’ve plated the score counter, ball bearings, screws and other small parts of this great product in 24k gold. It’s dressed up to the nines, with extra lustre and plenty of glamour. 


The RS#3 wood Gold offers the same features and gameplay as all the other RS Barcelona foosball tables. Although the RS#3 wood Gold looks worthy of gracing an exhibition, it’s a foosball table to be played with and enjoyed to the fullest, just like the rest of the range, but with a touch of sophistication.



Price shown is retail starting price and may vary depending on specifications.



Structure: Steel with cataphoretic coating process and polyester paint. 
Legs: Iroko wood.
Field: HPL
Players: Cast aluminium in gold and silver chrome plating.
Handles: Iroko wood.
24 gold plated details: The score counter,ball bearing, 


151x128x92 cm / 59.5x51x36 in (LxWxH)

Weight: 72 kg / 159 lb


RS Barcelona | Rafael Rodríguez