Santambrogio Milano Table

Founded in 2003, SANTAMBROGIOMILANO is a design company that works with glass, the magical element. Our collection born in 2004 with the first all-glass kitchen (designed by Ennio Arosio), has over the years high competences in terms of design and production process.


Actually, we are able to achieve 100% transparent architectures and provide a vision of life based on transparency 360°. In a word, Simpli-CITY: all glass design and architecture.


For these reasons and in particular thanks to transparency singularity, our collection can be inserted in every area (home, office, outdoor and public space) without interfering with elements around. In few words: everything can be customized, according to the space, in terms of sizes as client request.


SANTAMBROGIOMILANO | Ennio Arosio | 2003