Toldbod 120 Wall Light Sconce

Toldbod 120 Wall Light Sconce

The Louis Poulsen design team developed the Toldbod 120 pendant in 2009, basing its light distribution on the PH Ellipse reflector: the last street light concept conceived by Poul Henningsen. The Toldbod 290 outdoor family was designed in 1982, the Toldbod 155 Wall lamp was introduced in 2006, and Toldbod 120 was then added in 2009. The sophisticated reflector ensures glare-free, uniformly distributed and diffused light, and is ideal for both focused task lighting and general room ambience. The Toldbod 120 directs the majority of light downward, true to PH’s philosophy of shaping light to brighten spaces while never shining directly into people’s eyes. Louis Poulsen based its original Toldbod pendant on the philosophy that the simpler the design, the greater its flexibility. While the Toldbod’s soft yet precise form hangs quite comfortably on its own, the design also works beautifully in rows or clusters, either in a single hue or a mixed palette.



Aluminium coloured with textured surface or black, powder coated.



Fixture head: Chilled casting aluminium. Shield: Laser cut acrylic satine. Wall box: Die cast aluminium. Arm: Chilled casting aluminium.



Terminal block: 1x3x2.5mm². Cable entries: 2x bottom + 3x rear entries for Ø 10-14.5mm cable. Looping: Approved, max. 3x1,5mm².



Max. 1.5kg.



Ingress protection IP44. Electric shock protection I. F-mark: Yes


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Louis Poulsen | Louis Poulsen Design Team | 2009